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That's right I speak of the Replica Rolex Cellini Moonphase, the most paired backed, simplistic, pure, reductionist Rolex around. Rolex themselves, have described this watch as, the Quintessential Oyster. It is devoid of date. But does all a Rolex should do, which is to work with charming perfection. And at a hair over four thousand Sterling, five thousand US dollars and seven thousand Singapore dollars, they are amongst the best horological values around. Don't get me wrong I know in the context of reality and, in particular 2020, that's a hell of a lot of money. But my point is that at this price range the OP pretty much beats out all of its competition.

Nine months into 2020. Seven months since the world has been forever changed by our collective experience with the global Covid-19 pandemic, and Rolex may have just launched the exact watches we needed, now more than ever.

Replica Rolex Cellini Moonphase

No, I'm not talking about the impressive new Submariner family with its slimmed down, recontoured more elegant case, with a more open and visible dial and hands, and for the first time in 67 years, a 21mm in width bracelet. No. I'm taking about the other watch that was launched. A watch that I'm calling the Replica Rolex Cellini Moonphase. But unlike the 1970's when the Stella was created as an exuberantly extroverted timepiece, targeted at an elite demographic, Rolex has taken the chromatic vibrancy and cult collectability behind the Stellas, created a range of dials that are both uplifting amid what has been a year of unremitting gloom, and placed them inside of what is one of their most accessibly priced timepieces. The watch in question is made in five sizes, 28mm, 31mm, 34mm, 36mm and, lastly, 41mm (replacing the 39mm model) and is known to collectors by the minimalistic acronym OP.

Because Rolex doesn't believe in cutting corners. That means, the case of this OP is made of 904L Oystersteel. What's the big deal about this? Well, 904L steel features much higher corrosion resistance, as well as, higher surface hardness than the 316L that is used by the vast majority of the industry.

How did Rolex come to use 904L steel? Since inception the tradition at Rolex is to always research the way their watches wear over time. And they found that with hard use, their sports watches like others made from traditional stainless steel would experience corrosion in the threads of the caseback, and the caseback itself because of the buildup of sweat and moisture.

So, 904L was selected for a new steel because of its resistance to acids. Further, its greater surface hardness not only improved the resistance of the cases but enabled them to be polished to a greater luster. In addition, 904L is received by Rolex and then scanned with an electron microscope for any imperfections, including any structural or surface defect. After inspection the steel is re-melted in a vacuum, to purify it and remove inclusions that would compromise its corrosion resistance. Because Rolex's focus is on creating watches that endure forever. Why do other brands not use 904L, because it is much harder to machine and requires special tools to do so. By 2003 all Rolex steel watches were using 904L based Oystersteel.

OK but that's just part of it. Because ticking inside of the OP is the new Calibre 3230, based on the game changing Calibre 3235, introduced back in 2015. The 3230 is essentially the same movement, minus the date. It is the movement powering the new Submariner No-Date, launched this year. I've said it time and again. Each time I take a plane I make sure that I have a Rolex on my wrist. Because, God forbid, should the plane go down and I manage to swim to some remote island. I know that my Rolex, first of all, will survive the swim thanks to its Oyster case, which harks back to 1926, when Rolex first perfected the waterproof case, thanks to a screwdown caseback, screw down crown and screw down bezel. Second, I know that as long as I have the watch on my wrist it will convert my movement into power to wind itself because it features possibly the most reliable automatic or Replica Rolex Cellini Moonphase movement around.